Please note, these are unedited bios submitted by the residents of Longwood.

Jeff Best is a junior RA at Longwood University. Go Lancers!!!! He is working towards his degree in industrial engineering, which can be quite the time consumer, but he still manages to find time to spend with his dorm mates. They're really a great family to him. Whether they're water skiing, hiking, or just telling jokes about how much they love Longwood (affectionately known as "Zombie") University and the professors. He's always happy to spend time with fellow students in a safe, conscious manner. On campus he is an RA and participates in the mock trial team, intramural softball, and the university soup kitchen. Go Lancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian DeCaro is a junior Music Education major at Longwood "Zombie" University. He was infected by the Munalos virus by a freak accidentwhile working as a caddy at Longwood Country Club, he was exposed to Munalos after the town physician invited a tourist to a round of golf. The tourist turned out to be a zombie, and Ian was the only one bitten before the problem was solved. He was quarantined in a closet at the country club at the behest of the doctor, and was not released until several days after the rest of the town was infected. He is glad to be out of the closet and performing with his jazz combo, the Ragdoll Cats.

Maria Delaney is a fourth year graduate student studying Immune Pathology. She was a fellow at Dr. Bennett's previous lab before the outbreak and came to Longwood to help her former mentor with the difficult task of finding a cure for the Munalos virus. She has to admit the HazMat suit does make life difficult, but it will all pay off in the end. For science!
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Paul Fortynbras works at Lawfen & Rextab, Inc. He is a sophomore Biology major and Spanish minor at Longwood University. He enjoys interesting activities, such as shuffle board, bingo, Scrabble, taking naps, enjoying hardy laughs with his friends, and watching TV. A few of his favorite shows include Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Andromeda, Eureka, Sanctuary, Firefly, Fringe, Lost, Heroes, Family Guy, Psych, House, Dollhouse, Monk, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Boston Legal, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Arrested Development, and (Un)Dead Seriously.
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Kamoa Fukunome (aka "Ka-mo'a Money") is one cool m*****f***er. He gets with the ladies with minimal effort, which leaves him plenty of time to ponder the big questions of life and the the nature of reality (very fitting that he is a Philosophy major). When not philosophizing or romancing beautiful women, he seeks to satisfy his catlike curiosity by adventuring with his mates. His favourite beverage is warm milk and favourite balls are made of yarn. He has impeccable balance, reflexes, and can land on his feet when falling from ANY height. This is fortunate because of his unparalleled jumping prowess. Ladies, he is single and ready to mingle.
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Harmony Hastings
NOTE: Harmony drew quite a lovely illustration depicting her love of her friends and all things in the Universe. However, it was destroyed when a certain research physician attempted to improve the performance of our scanner. Sorry, Harmony. :(
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Alice Springs McKenna is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. She would like to point out that Alice Springs is not a full name, but kind of like a hyphenated name, sort of like Peggy-Sue or Mary-Ann (people always seem confused by this concept). She is a freshman at Longwood University where she is currently undecided, but is considering majoring in either Psychology or English. Some of her favorites include sushi, the color blue, Twilight, the TV shows The Office, Scrubs, Bones, and Desperate Housewives, reading magazines, and chilling with friends. She also likes mysterious and/or dangerous guys, so if you know any, let her know! :)
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Dr. Todd Bennett, MD, is the savior of Longwod. Without my help, no one would have survived the April 10th outbreak. Sure, everyone "technicaly" died, but I have saved them. I like to think that it is because of my ground breaking research that everyone lives normal lives after death. I continue to provide top-notch medical care for this comunity and surounding areas. I wil never give up the search for the cure, and I promise I wil find that cure within a year. I am sure of it.

Bree Michaels is a sophomore Theater major. She grew up in Key West, Florida, which is where she got her formerly great tan (not so great since the whole zombie thing :'( ). She moved to Longwood to attend Longwood U for one reason and one reason only.....it's Drama Department! She loves adventures, shopping, hanging with her friends, and pretty much doing anything where she can be around great people and friends! She hopes that the (Un)Dead Seriously documentary will expose her to a wider audience. www.undeadseriously.com

Natalya Romano moved from Washington D.C. to Longwood for college in 2008.  She is a freshman Poli-Sci major with a minor in Film, works for the school's literary magazine, and has been involved on the sets of several student films since arriving at school and this summer would have been working as an intern at Animal Planet. She dreams to one day make a documentary of her own focusing on the social impact of the Munalos virus. Her favorite websites include FML, Fail Blog, Texts from Last Night, MLIA, and undeadseriously.com.
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Mr. Smith* is a [CONFIDENTIAL], in the [CONFIDENTIAL] of the [CONFIDENTIAL] Division of the [CONFIDENTIAL]. His [CONFIDENTIAL] is to expose the [CONFIDENTIAL] at [CONFIDENTIAL]. He enjoys [CONFIDENTIAL], [CONFIDENTIAL], and [CONFIDENTIAL] at night. He is originally from [CONFIDENTIAL], but was reassigned to [CONFIDENTIAL] after the April [CONFIDENTIAL]th incident for a [CONFIDENTIAL] mission. He always carries a [CONFIDENTIAL] with him, so watch out [CONFIDENTIAL]s, he's [CONFIDENTIAL]ing you!
*Name changed for national security purposes.

Cedric Sullivan is a freshman at Longwood University. He is a triple major in Computer Science, Bio-engineering, and Gender Studies. In his free time he enjoys challenging his self-designed Chessmaster program and playing World of Warcraft -- he is a Guild Leader across 5 separate servers. Writing palindromic sentences, developing his elven, and listing scientifically impossible Star Trek occurrences are among his other hobbies. After graduation, he plans to attend graduate school and conduct reasearch on the Munalos virus (but actually do research, nothing like what Maria does).
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Jessica Walters is a junior Psychology major. Instead of doing lame schoolwork, she likes to booze, party, and chill with her many friends. She's always doing something wild and outrageous, so for a good time, text the celly. She loves beach parties, frat parties, house parties, birthday parties, gradatuation parties, going-away parties, and formals and shops only at Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Forever 21. She is against all wars, but loves Jager bombs.
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